Customer feedback


We are always looking for ways to improve our products and services. We highly appreciate the customer feedback, and hope that you'll find time to tell us how to further improve.

We use the following scales to assess customer satisfaction:

 5 = Very satisfied
 4 = Somewhat satisfied
 3 = Neither
 2 = Somewhat dissatisfied
 1 = Very dissatisfied

Thank you for your feedback!


1. Basic Information

2. Project documentation

Content and clarity of the quotation
Agreement procedures
E-mailing with the Client
Project documentation

3. Delivery and service

Action of the Arctia contact person
Action of the Arctia personnel in charge of delivery (if any)
Action of the Arctia personnel at site (if any)
Co-operation capability of Arctia personnel
Project schedule
Transportation of the products
Installation of the products
Do the products fulfill your expectations
General opinion of the delivery process in whole

4. Invoicing

Clarity of the document
Validity of the content
Receiving of the invoice in time
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