Ice breakers

IB Kontio

Built 1987
Shipyard Wärtsilä Helsingin telakka
Ice class 1A Super
Length 99 m
Beam 24,2 m
Operational draught 8 m
Displacement 9 130 t
GT 7 066 t
NT 2 120 t
Main engines Wärtsilä 16V32
Propulsion power 15 MW
Speed 18,5 knots
Bollard pull 160 t
Crew 20
Call Sign OIRV

IB Kontio

The Kontio is experienced in oil spill preparedness and response. Outside the Baltic icebreaking season, the vessel was in a continuous state of readiness for oil spill response operations in the northern Baltic Sea from 2010 until 2016.

Launched in 1987, the Kontio was designed with particular attention to improved icebreaking efficiency on the Baltic Sea. Thanks to the Kontio’s efficient, twin-thruster hull design and relatively small crew, the vessel’s operating costs are significantly lower compared to previous vessels. The Kontio’s machinery is similar to that of the Otso, an icebreaker launched one year before Kontio.

The Kontio was outfitted with oil recovery equipment in 2010, with funding provided by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The oil recovery equipment was supplied by the Finnish company Lamor. The Kontio boasts more than 2,000 m3 of tank volume for recovered oil along with two separate oil recovery systems. This self-powered oil recovery system runs on a dedicated hydraulic power unit. One of the oil collection systems is based on rigid sweeping arms, which float next to the vessel’s hull and guide the oil into the oil recovery system. Either suction pumps or brush skimmers can be attached to the arms to collect the oil.

Arctia continues a 130-year-old icebreaking tradition

Arctia continues a 130-year-old icebreaking tradition by deploying one of the strongest icebreaker fleets in the world. The fleet includes five traditional icebreakers: the Voima, Urho, Sisu, Otso and Kontio.

Arctia’s icebreakers are able to maintain their ice-breaking capability under all ice conditions in the Baltic Sea. The ships are equipped with towing forks and winches.



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