Arctia webinars


Efficient and cost-effective coastal, nearshore and river bathymetric LiDAR surveys

With the newest bathymetric LiDAR technology it's possible to efficiently capture seamless onshore and shoreline LiDAR data coupled with imagery. A key benefit is also the ability to efficiently capture data in areas that would be slow and hazardous to map using multibeam sonar.

The datasets can be used for creation/updating of seacharts, erosion monitoring, water flow modeling, flow capacity derivatives and much more.

We are hosting two webinars on Arctia's LiDAR survey services. The webinars will be held on March 11th and 17th at 3 to 4 pm (UTC +2h).

Webinars are free and have the same content.

Update on the latest technology and what can be achieved with it. Case study of recent project showcasing concrete results.

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