Hydrographic Surveys


High-end hydrographic surveys services go beyond your expectations

Arctia offers your business a wide range of hydrographic survey and charting services. We operate in offshore, inshore and inland water areas throughout Europe

Arctia has one of the Northern Europe’s largest fleet of survey vessels and platforms. With various vessel types, we work in all types of waters, including rivers, lakes, coastal shores and offshore


Certified services and highly skilled professionals

Arctia hydrographic surveys fulfill the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO S-44) survey standards and beyond. We have a team  of highly skilled professionals in hydrographic surveying, data processing and charting. Our team of internationally certified hydrographic surveyors and experts provides tailor-made solutions to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Latest technology and superb data quality

Surveys are carried out with the latest MBES survey technologies, including back scatter and full water column data of object detection, e.g. from wrecks. Data is processed using the most current data processing software and data modeling tools available. We also provide Bathymetric Lidar Services, 3D-data modeling and online data storage services.

We have over 20 years of experience in multibeam echo sounder (MBES) surveying. Our customers include the most demanding maritime and environmental authorities as well as ports and harbors. Based on versatile and state-of-the-art methods, A Arctia hydrographic surveying covers areas extending 10,000 km² per year.

Contact persons for the service

Kari Pohjola

Sales Manager

+358 40 571 3193


Patrik Niskanen

Project Manager

+ 358 40 848 5260


Jukka Suonvieri

Vice President, Head of Hydrographic Division

+358 400 868 278


Hanno Kurtti

Työpäällikkö, aineistopalvelut

040 522 1282


Hydrographic and survey equipment

We operate seven hydrographic survey vessels, which are suitable for survey areas in the open sea, on the coast and in indoor waterways.

Kari Pohjola

Sales Manager

+358 40 571 3193



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