Customized Buoy Solutions


Customized Buoy Solutions

SeaHow is the world’s only manufacturer that delivers customized buoy solutions even in small batches. Design is the primary additional cost of customized buoys, and it is largely dependent on the customer’s vision and the provided initial information. The final production costs of the buoy depend on its structure.

We have experience in delivering completely unique buoy solutions to the fairway authorities of numerous countries. The solutions have often been based on components already used by the customer (e.g. lanterns and batteries), the customer’s fairway maintenance resources (e.g. fleet and operating methods) or the customer’s desire to adapt the aforementioned aspects.

Along the years, we have also implemented designs for hundreds of special purpose buoys such as mooring buoys, marker buoys (fish culture, forestry companies, waterworks, universities), floating water transport signs, border spars (for territorial marking) and floating transmitter stations (for ROV control).


Customized buoy solutions designed with the customer

Our product development team designs special buoy solutions in close cooperation with the customer. Dozens of years of unique experience makes us the worldwide trailblazer in the design and manufacture of floating navigational aids.

We can integrate almost any device into the buoys as their abundant buoyancy is hard to exceed. We always calculate the stability of our new products in compliance with IALA guidelines using software developed in-house. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding special requirements! We will provide you with feasible, functional and proven solutions that meet your needs.


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