Port & Marina Buoys


Port & Marina Buoys

Our port and marina buoys have been designed as cost-effective, durable solutions that feature sufficient detectability to meet the needs set by various uses in ports and marinas. The design and polyethylene structure of the buoys prevent damage both to the buoy and boats in the event of collision.

Marine Spar EJV225 is the most commonly used non-luminous polyethylene spar buoy in Finland. It has the best properties in its price range and the capacity to withstand sheltered ice conditions.


Port Buoy VPU400 and Marine Spar EJV225

Port Buoy VPU400 is a cost-effective, durable polyethylene spar buoy with a diameter of 400 mm and a focal plane of 2–3 m. Our port buoys are moored conventionally using a sinker and a buoy chain. The buoy features excellent detectability due to its powerful radar and retro-reflectors and bright surface color. The buoy can be equipped with a lantern of less than 4 kg in weight. 

Marine Spar EJV225 features a diameter of 225 mm and a focal plane of 1.5–2.5 m. The spar is moored using a short taut chain, enabling excellent location accuracy. The taut mooring also provides the buoy with improved ice tolerance. The spar can be equipped with a lantern of less than 2 kg in weight.

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Port Buoy VPU400
Marine Spar EJV225

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