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River & Boating Buoys

River Buoy VPC400/800 is specially designed for flowing, shallow waters such as rivers, channels and narrows. The buoy was designed using 3D modelling to optimize its dimensions, shape and mooring, reducing tilting to the minimum even in currents of up to four knots.

With its draft of only 1.4 m, Boating Spar VEP160/225 has been designed for shallow waters. Cost-efficiency, bright colors, reflectors and lightweight design make it the optimal user-friendly spar for shallow fairways.


River Buoy VPC400/800 and Boating Spar VEP160/225

As River Buoy VPC400/800 features an upper section diameter of 400 mm and a focal plane of 2.0 m, the buoy’s detectability is easily sufficient for shallow fairways. The buoy’s total length is approximately 3.5 m which makes it easy to handle.

VPC400/800 is moored conventionally using a sinker and a slack chain. The buoy’s special structure prevents tilting to an angle of more than 15 degrees even in currents of 4 knots. The buoy can be equipped with any lantern of less than 4 kg in weight.

With its draft of only 1.4 m and total length of 3.4 m, Boating Spar VEP160/225 is specially designed to shallow watercourses and marinas. VEP 160/225 is moored conventionally using a sinker and rope. The spar is used without a lantern. 

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River Buoy VPC400/800
Boating Spar VEP160/225



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