Contact Information

Contact information

Arctia Ltd
Mailing Address: Laivastokatu 9, FIN-00160 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting Address: Off.Ice floating office, Laivastokatu 9, FIN-00160 Helsinki
Telephone (switchboard): +358 30 620 7000
E-mail addresses: firstname.lastname(at) 

Invoicing addresses for Arctia group

All invoices for Arctia group shoud be sent by email. We do not process
paper invoices. We kindly ask you send your invoices to our e-mail addresses:

Arctia Ltd:
Arctia Icebreaking Ltd:
Arctia Karhu Ltd:
Arctia Management Services Ltd:
Arctia Meritaito Ltd:

More information about invoicing address

Arrival information

You can find “Arctia Oy” and “Merikasarmin laituri” on Google Maps. Our floating office is located in Katajanokka next to the icebreakers, behind the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. If you will arrive by public transport, use tram number 4 (to Katajanokka) and hop off at the last stop called “Ulkoministeriö” and walk along Laivastokuja to Laivastokatu. You will see our gate on the right end of Laivastokatu. If you arrive by car, please watch the instructional video below. Please note, that we can not guarantee parking space in the area.

At the gate, call the reception using the outdoor phone next to the entrance. Walk to the floating office on the right. Register as a visitor at the lobby using the registration system. You can speed up your registration by using the QR-code found in the mail you may have received from your host. Please wait for your host in the lobby.

At Merikasarmin laituri we abide by the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS Code) that contains rules intended to enhance the security of ships and associated port facilities.


Management Team

Visuri Maunu

Maunu Visuri


+358 40 578 8122


Kojonen Paavo

Paavo Kojonen

SVP, Icebreaking

+358 50 458 43 91


Laitinen Janne

Janne Laitinen

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Legal Affairs

+358 40 779 8924


Hänninen Tero

Tero Hänninen

Technical Director

+358 400 521 682


Pöyhönen Lauri

Lauri Pöyhönen

SVP, Hydrographic Surveying

+358 50 558 7952


Riihimäki Timo

Timo Riihimäki

Liiketoimintajohtaja, väylänhoito

+358 40 777 1228


Safety and security

Broumand Pia

Pia Broumand

Chief Security Officer, HSSE/DPA & CSO

+358 46 876 7109


Sales and marketing

Grann Caius

Caius Grann

Sales Director

+358 40 526 7716


Pohjola Kari

Kari Pohjola

Sales Manager

+358 40 571 3193



Koli Eija

Eija Koli

Communications Manager

+358 40 725 3911



Eija Koli

Communications Manager

+358 40 725 3911



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