Marine Survey Services

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Marine surveys services for various customer needs

Arctia offers a wide range of hydrographic services. Arctia has special expertise in shallow waters and operates in offshore, inshore and inland water areas.

Arctia has a team of highly skilled professionals in hydrographic surveying, marine geology, engineering and data processing. This team of internationally certified hydrographic surveyors and shallow water experts provides tailor-made survey, analyzing and planning solutions to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Surveys are carried out with the latest survey technologies, including multibeam, singlebeam, side scan sonar, sub bottom profiler, ROV, laser scanning and scanning sonar equipment, supplemented with geotechnical field tests when needed. Survey results are analysed and refined with high quality modelling tools.

Contact persons for the service

Kari Pohjola

Sales Manager

+358 40 571 3193


Jukka Suonvieri

Vice President, Head of Hydrographic Division

+358 400 868 278


Patrik Niskanen

Project Manager

+ 358 40 848 5260


Jyrki Hämäläinen

Team Leader

+358 40 763 2275


Kari Pohjola

Sales Manager

+358 40 571 3193



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