Competent partner in maritime projects

Reliable Services in Challenging Conditions

Arctia safeguards winter navigation and produces marine survey and fairway maintenance services. We offer our customers reliable services in water areas under challenging conditions throughout the world.

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One-stop-shop for waterway services

Arctia provides cost-effective comprehensive solutions under the one-stop-shop principle. We customize our services to meet the client’s needs and to enable the development of their waterway operations. In addition to the replacement and maintenance of navigational aids, the provided service entity can include, for example, regular measuring and study services, dock inspections and condition assessments for their underwater structures, oil spill response services and waterway maintenance plans on a step-by-step basis depending on the client’s situation and needs. A service contract with Arctia ensures that the waterway owner’s navigational aids are kept up to date as the client is always provided with solutions enabled by modern technology.



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