Arctia Ltd.

Reliable waterway services around the year

Arctia safeguards Finland’s maritime transport in the ice winter conditions of the Baltic Sea, secures operational water transport connections and provides solutions for safe and effective navigation in challenging conditions at sea around the world. 

Arctia’s business operations are divided into three operative areas: icebreaking, fairway maintenance and hydrographic surveying. In addition to our primary customer, the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, we provide services to, for example, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, ports, companies, cities, municipalities and international clients. 

The highly versatile range of services provided as part of Arctia’s business operations is divided into icebreaking, fairway maintenance and waterway services, hydrographic surveying and research, planning and permit services, hydraulic engineering as well as buoy and spar manufacture. As part of these service areas, we also perform pipeline and cable laying, towing, support in the installation and maintenance of underwater structures as well as oil spill response services. Arctia has developed a comprehensive service concept that enables the client to select the required versatile services within the framework agreement under the one-stop-shop principle. 

Our experience extends long into the history, all the way to the establishment of the Finnish Pilot and Lighthouse Authority. By combining our extensive experience with modern technology, we are able to provide our marine clients with sustainable and suitable solutions.

Management and administration

Arctia Ltd is the parent company of the Arctia Group. It owns 100 % of its subsidiaries Arctia Icebreaking Ltd, Arctia Offshore Ltd, Arctia Management Services Ltd and Arctia Meritaito Ltd as well as 90 % of Arctia Karhu Ltd. Arctia is a limited company owned completely by the State of Finland. Arctia’s corporate governance falls within the responsibilities of the corporate governance department of the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Our business units are icebreaking, fairway maintenance and hydrographic surveying. The company employs approximately 420 experts. All of our operations comply with good governance, laws and regulations. In addition, our operation is guided by Arctia’s values, common operating policies and ethical guidelines. 

Arctia Board of Directors is responsible for the company’s administration and appropriate organization of its operations. The Board consists of six ordinary members. 

In the management of the Arctia Group, the CEO is supported by a Management Team that consists of the CEO, the COO, the CFO and the HR Director and General Counsel. In addition to the aforementioned members, the company’s extended Management Team consists of business unit managers and the managers of technological services, safety, sales and operative IT services. The task of the Management Team is to implement the company’s operations in accordance with the company strategy and the Board’s policies as well as the Group CEO’s direction.

Arctia Ltd. - Members of the Board

Rosin Mats

Mats Rosin

Chairman of the Board
CEO, Suomen Lauttaliikenne
Year of birth: 1958
Education: B.Sc.
Board member since: 2018

Mustakari Sinikka

Sinikka Mustakari

Member of the Board
Ministerial Adviser, Prime Minister’s Office
Year of birth: 1979
Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Board member since: 2018

Kiiski Pirjo

Pirjo Kiiski

Member of the Board
Shareholder, Saari Partners
Year of birth: 1965
Education: BBA, MBA
Board member since: 2018

Savolainen Kari

Kari Savolainen

Member of the Board

Year of birth: 1954
Education: M.A
Board member since: 2018

Koskinen Matti-Mikael

Matti-Mikael Koskinen

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Managing Director, ESL Shipping
Year of birth: 1972
Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Board member since: 2022

Sippel Regina

Regina Sippel

Member of the Board
CFO, Veikkaus
Year of birth: 1979
Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Board member since: 2022

Arctia Ltd. - Management Team

Visuri Maunu

Maunu Visuri

Year of birth: 1968
Education: M.Sc. (Tech.)
Member of the Management Team since: 2019

+358 40 578 8122


Laitinen Janne

Janne Laitinen

Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Legal Affairs
Year of birth: 1974
Education: LL.M.
Member of the Management Team since: 2020

+358 40 779 8924


Kankkunen Sari

Sari Kankkunen

Year of birth: 1968
Education: M.Sc. (Econ.)
Member of the Management Team since: 2019

+358 400 875 509


Hänninen Tero

Tero Hänninen

Technical Director
Education: M.Sc. (Tech.)
Member of the Management Team since: 2021

+358 400 521 682


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Eija Koli

Communications Manager

+358 40 725 3911



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