Fairway maintenance


Fairway maintenance secures safe water transport

Arctia’s basic services in fairway management and maintenance include the management and maintenance of fixed and floating safety devices. The basic services can be complemented with the manufacture of safety devices and installation of prohibition, speed and cable signs.

Arctia’s multifunctional vessel fleet enables effective operating methods. Our fast vessels secure swift access to fairway maintenance services. In addition, our large fairway vessels are equipped with special equipment for oil spill response.

The quality of our operations is guaranteed by professional personnel with plenty of year-round experience.


Fairway maintenance is required by all fairway owners

From the perspective of the fairway owner’s responsibilities, it is crucial that navigational safety devices are intact and in correct positions. Fairway owners must inspect their navigational aids and report the inspection results and the status of the safety devices on a regular basis. 

Arctia is the largest fairway maintenance service provider in Finland. We provide fairway owners with navigational safety device maintenance services based on decades of experience and superior local knowledge.

New navigational safety devices and fairway maintenance services improve the safety of waterways

We offer a wide range of options for the acquisition of safety devices and their maintenance. The latest technology, including remote monitoring, helps our clients develop their waterway environments and improve the safety of boating. In addition, modern technology reduces the carbon footprint as the efficiency of inspections is increased.

Fairway maintenance fleet

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