Intelligent Sea -project

Intelligent Sea - Integrated digital services for efficient and safe maritime navigation

The project aims to improve the safety and efficiency of maritime fairways through digitalization. In the project, floating as well as land-based aids to navigation will be equipped with devices for remote monitoring and control as well as environmental sensors. The fairway data produced by the aids to navigation will be integrated with other fairway and port data by combining several, currently separate, data and control systems into a single digital service cloud. In addition, the project will pilot  monitoring of sulphur emissions from maritime transport by utilising aids to navigation, and alternative energy sources for them.


Project objectives

Developing and piloting the InSea platform, which will integrate the currently separate control systems, port and fairway related data and the data coming from the navigational aids into a single digital service cloud. This will increase the safety of navigation as well as the efficiency of operations.

Piloting alternative renewable energy sources for the smart buoys, thereby guaranteeing their self-sufficiency. Two technological solutions: Solar power unit with Litium-battery and fuel cell concept.

Piloting compliance monitoring of SOX emissions from ships on fairways by employing smart floating navigational buoys. Remotely operated sniffer stations will record the emissions of passing sea vessels and operate on a continuous basis. The data from the sniffers will help e.g. the Port State Control authorities to decide if there is a need for an on-board check or other port control actions.

Project Partners

The project partners are Arctia Meritaito, the Port of Stockholm and the Port of Naantali. The innovative new technologies of the project will be piloted in the ports. The project outcomes will be available and interoperable for several different end-users, such as other maritime and inland ports as well as authorities. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration are following the project implementation as associated partners.

The project Intelligent Sea has been awarded funding from Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Implementation time of the project is 10/2018 - 6/2022.

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