Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of Arctia's operation

For its part, Arctia secures the year-round functionality of the Finnish society and industry by enabling winter navigation, operational waterways and fairways. Under exceptional circumstances and in the event of serious disturbances, Arctia’s task is to secure the society’s critical operations within its field of specialization as part of the security of supply chain. Our operations minimize environmental impacts and create welfare for the public in a safe high-quality manner while ensuring constant development. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of all of our operations.

Sustainable services for the safety of marine and inland waterways

Arctia’s objective is to provide safe, high-quality and environmentally friendly operations that satisfy our clients. Through our operations, we bear the responsibility for the vulnerable marine environment in order to preserve it for future generations. We also evaluate our partners and contractors in accordance with our own criteria.

The direct environmental impacts of our actions are mitigated by developing the safety of our vessels and operations as well as by updating our current vessels so that life-cycle impacts are taken into account. The world’s most ecological icebreaker Polaris and the technical capacities of our Polar-class vessels serve as excellent examples of our responsibility. By providing oil spill response services, we participate in the mitigation of the risks associated with maritime transport.

Our everyday operation contributes to improving the efficiency and well-being of our work community by ensuring that equality and job satisfaction are taken into account. A satisfied, competent and constantly developing personnel is one of the cornerstones of our operation. As Arctia employs approximately 420 people locally and nationally, we contribute to the provision of subsistence and welfare in the Finnish society. 

As part of our corporate responsibility, we minimize the negative impacts of our operation while providing positive effects to the society, environment and economy. Arctia reports on its corporate responsibility on an annual basis.

Annual report 2023

Annual report 2022

Annual report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Quality, environment and occupational safety certificates and competences

Our fairway maintenance and hydrographic surveying units hold ISO 9001 quality, 14001 environmental and 45001 occupational safety certifications and RALA Competence (construction quality).

We ensure that our services meet the requirements promised to our clients and specified by the organization. We develop our operations in accordance with our quality objectives as part of our everyday activities, and we assess the implementation of our objectives through customer meetings and customer satisfaction surveys.

ISO 9001 ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001
RALA Pätevyys


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