Icebreaking season ended on 17 May

The icebreaking season 2019–2020 ended on Sunday, 17 May, as icebreaker Otso returned to its home port of Katajanokka in Helsinki. In comparison to previous years, the icebreaking season was exceptional due to the mild winter. The icebreaking duties in the Bay of Bothnia were handled by IB Otso, IB Kontio and IB Urho. 

Even though the winter’s ice conditions were relatively easy, the changing weather conditions and winds formed brash ice barriers that caused difficulties to merchant vessels in the Bay of Bothnia. In practice, the Gulf of Finland was free of ice this winter.

The total number of Arctia’s icebreakers’ operating days during the season was 333.7. The performed operations included 724 assistance tasks, 63 towing operations and 33 port calls. The total number of miles navigated exceeded 25,000 over the course of the icebreaking season. 

Arctia would like to thank the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the TFMG’s VTS centers, Finnpilot’s pilots, Swedish icebreakers and the ships, shipping companies, shipbrokers and ports assisted by Arctia’s icebreakers as well as Arctia’s other collaboration partners for the past icebreaking season.

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