Hydrographic surveying season off to a brisk start

The marine surveying season is underway and Arctia's marine surveying boats and vessels are executing their projects at full throttle. The fleet is currently working on marine surveying projects in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea, while MPV Pohjanmeri and MPV Kaiku are carrying out surveying in the Åland Sea, Bothnian Sea and Bay of Bothnia. Pohjanmeri and Kaiku are primarily engaged in surveying sites for wind power development projects. 

Aiming for a high standard of safety and quality

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of safety and quality in all marine surveying operations. This calls for careful pre-season preparations as well as effective mobilisation and testing of the fleet and equipment.  At project kick-off meetings, we ensure that all parties are fully aware of customers’ requirements, expectations and the surveying plans based on these requirements. Safety is further ensured through risk mapping and risk management procedures. The Katkari security procedures are an integral part of operations. The importance of these precautions is only highlighted in the current geopolitical situation.

Quality is monitored through calibration and testing procedures and by defining quality control points and compiling quality records in the course of surveying.  The cumulative metadata is just as important as the point cloud to be collected,  as the metadata helps verify the accuracy and reliability of the surveying data.

Arctia operates one of the largest marine surveying fleets in Northern Europe

Every year, Arctia surveys thousands of square kilometres of seabed to the highest international quality standards, not only in Finland but also in other European waters. Aside from marine surveying, we provide research, design and information services and carry out cable and pipe route surveys, condition audits of underwater structures as well as seabed surveys to determine feasibility of construction. Our solid expertise and previous international and geophysical research projects have enabled us to expand our activities, allowing us to respond to the surveying needs of offshore wind farms.




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