Intelligent Sea project has been granted EU funding

The European Commission has granted CEF funding to the Intelligent Sea project coordinated by Meritaito Ltd. The funding is 1,5 million Euros.

Intelligent Sea is a three year long project, which looks into the future by creating smart digitalization solutions to sea, port and waterway use from a sustainable development angle. Digitalization of ports, waterways and maritime services will become an increasingly significant trend in the future and serve as a step towards an even more sophisticated, safe and efficient maritime infrastructure and sea traffic management.

The project develops a digital network of smart buoys and navigational aids, tests alternative energy sources for buoys and searches new solutions for ships’ sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions monitoring. The project consists of different activities, in which the ports associated with the project take active part. During these activities the aim is to increase port efficiency and to reduce the carbon footprint of the port area. The project participants are Port of Naantali Ltd and Stockholms Hamn AB. Associated partners of the project are the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

Additional enquiries: Senior Vice President Thomas Erlund, thomas.erlund@meritaito.fi, tel. +358 (0)40 829 9877




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