Beacon Towers


Beacon Towers

Arctia has developed beacon towers based on a plastic pipe structure equipped with a radar reflector and bright colors that improve daytime conspicuity (for example, in the winter when the coastal landscape is completely covered in shades of white). The beacon towers also serve as steady platforms for lanterns (sector beacons, auxiliary beacons and line beacon).


Beacon Towers TM800 and TM500

The width of the TM800 beacon tower is 800 mm and it is produced in heights of up to 9.0 m. Correspondingly, the width of the TM500 beacon tower is 500 mm and it is produced in heights of up to 6.0 m. Both of the beacon towers can be equipped with an optional safety ladder and a separate equipment cabinet. The delivery includes plans for setting up the towers.

Arctia's beacon towers are durable and easy to install. As the largest tower weighs less than 800 kg, heavy machinery is not required for handling. The foundation is equipped with a hinge that enables erecting the tower without a large crane. The fastness of the tower beacon’s color is guaranteed by a 20-year warranty.

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Beacon Tower TM500/800


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