Ice breakers

MSV Fennica

Built 1993
Shipyard Aker Finnyards
Classification DNV +1A1-Tug Supply Vessel –SF EO Icebreaker / Polar-10 / DynPos AUTR
Length 116 m
Beam 26 m
Main engines Wärtsilä
Propulsion power 2 pieces Aquamaster Total 15 MW
Bollard pull 230 tn
Call Sign OJAD

MSV Fennica

The multipurpose icebreaker Fennica features a large working deck and an A-frame, which make it well-suited to a variety of offshore operations. The ship meets the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict environmental and emission requirements, making it an ideal choice for operations in Arctic areas.

The Fennica has excellent icebreaking characteristics. The ship’s Aquamaster Azimuth thrusters are powered by 15-megawatt diesel generators. Thanks to its thrusters and Dynamic Positioning system, the vessel retains excellent manoeuvrability also in difficult conditions.

The Fennica has a versatile service history of operations in various areas, including the North Sea and Brazilian, Alaskan and Greenlandic waters,  in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.

Multipurpose vessels Fennica and Nordica

Arctia’s multipurpose vessels MSV Fennica and Nordica are unique vessels in the world. They are powerful icebreakers with characteristics ideal for tasks that require manoeuvrability and precision. Multipurpose icebreakers are capable of performing highly demanding tasks in environments such as oil and gas fields everywhere in the world.

The ships have excellent icebreaking characteristics and are well-suited to DP operations, towing merchant vessels in difficult ice conditions, and providing ice management services to the oil industry in Arctic areas. With the aid of winches, cranes and A-frames, the vessels can switch rapidly from one task to another. Thanks to Arctia’s sizable investments, the ships meet all of the strict criteria and guidelines applying to offshore operations.

Both vessels have decks reserved for passengers, including office premises with a local area network for workstations. Depending on the ship, accommodation capacity is 45 to 47 guests.

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