Oil Spill Recovery Services


Safety for the growing volume of traffic on the Baltic Sea

As the volume of traffic increases, the risk of oil spills in Finland’s waters is constantly present. Fast and efficient response is required in the event of an accident. Arctia has the fleet and experience required for effective oil spill response.

All of our heavy fairway vessels have been built for oil spill response operations, and they are equipped with integrated recovery containers and brush skimmers. In addition, some of the vessels are equipped with winter recovery equipment that can be used for oil recovery in icy conditions.


Multifunctional vessels provide benefits to the client

The newest icebreaker in Arctia’s fleet, Polaris, is specially equipped for oil spill response in open waters. The vessel’s container capacity for oil recovery is approximately 1,400 cubic meters. 

Polaris is the world’s first icebreaker with integrated oil spill response equipment. Oil separation is performed inside the vessel’s hull, making it less sensitive to wave height.

In challenging conditions, the vessel is capable of being maneuvered sideways against the waves to enable directing the oil to the recovery space using the vessel’s hull and a separate storm boom.

Arctia's oil spill remediation as a comprehensive service

Our oil spill remediation services are carried out with a quick response time to prevent environmental damage and to decrease the client’s total costs. 

The extent of the remediation, the equipment used and the required number of personnel will be determined by examining the remediation site and by taking note of all concerned parties’ views. The operations are initiated without delay to minimize environmental damage. Our solid know-how, wide range of equipment and extensive network of facilities enable the client to centralize the remediation to Arctia as a whole.

The service is charged based on the operations performed with transparent and competitive pricing. Thus, the client always knows the precise costs of the remediation work. We have carried out successful remediation projects in collaboration with authorities as well as consulting and insurance companies.

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