Ice Buoys


Ice Buoys

From the offset, our buoys and spars are designed as floating navigational aids that withstand harsh winter conditions and heavy ice loads. Currently, approximately 30,000 buoys and spars manufactured at our factory are used in various water systems around the year.

We have delivered hundreds of ice buoys to Russia, Canada, the United States and the Baltic Sea States as well as other countries where ice-tolerant floating navigational aids are required for year-round use.

With its solid expertise in the field of ice buoys, Arctia played a remarkable role in the preparation of the international IALA Guideline G1006, Polyethylene Buoys.


Ice Buoy Maxi PV800 and Ice Buoy Medium SVV500

With its diameter of 800 mm and focal plane of up to 4.5 m, Ice Buoy Maxi PV800 is the largest polyethylene spar buoy on the market. Ice Buoy Medium SVV500 features a diameter of 500 mm and a focal plane of up to 3.5 m.

The structural properties of Ice Buoy Maxi PV800 and Ice Buoy Medium SVV500 primarily correspond to Offshore Buoy VPU800 and Coastal Buoy VPU500, but the most significant difference is the mooring method. The PV800 and SVV500 buoys are moored using a short taut chain that enables improved location accuracy and ice tolerance. 

The taut mooring is beneficial in narrow fairways as it fully utilizes the depth of the water and minimizes the required watercourse width and need for dredging. The taut mooring allows for water level fluctuations within the range of approximately +1.5 m and -1.0 m. In tidal areas, other ice buoy and mooring solutions are recommended.

Download product brochures here:
Ice Buoy Maxi PV800, taut chain
Ice Buoy Medium SVV500

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