Offshore & Coastal Buoys


Offshore & Coastal Buoys

SeaHow’s offshore and coastal buoys have been designed to replace conventional ice buoys. Their benefits include lower purchase price and significantly more cost-effective life cycle costs in comparison to steel buoys. The detectability of our buoys is equal to that of conventional steel buoys, but when it comes to other properties, our buoys are superior. 

The lighter structure of polyethylene buoys enables easier handling, deployment and mooring. The streamlined light-weight design reduces the load caused by waves and ice on the buoy body and mooring.

In addition, user experience indicates that polyethylene buoys are more stable than their steel counterparts and place reduced stress on the chain, enabling remarkable cost savings in maintenance.


Offshore Buoy VPU800 and Coastal Buoy VPU500 

Offshore Buoy VPU800 has been designed to replace conventional steel buoys. With its diameter of 800 mm and focal plane of up to 4.0 m, it is a durable heavy-duty solution that meets the needs of the most challenging conditions.

Offshore Buoy VPU500 is remarkably more cost-effective than conventional steel buoys. Its structure featuring a diameter of 500 mm and a focal plane of up to 3.5 m has been designed for conditions where VPU800 would be excessively robust. Our coastal buoys are also available in shorter VPU500/800 versions for more shallow waters.

The buoys are moored conventionally using a sinker and a slack chain. Our buoys feature excellent detectability due to powerful radar and retro-reflectors and a bright surface color. The buoys can be fitted with any available solar- or battery-powered lantern. Additional equipment and sensors can be installed inside the buoy body.

Download product brochures here:
Offshore Buoy VPU800
Coastal Buoy VPU500
Coastal Buoy Shallow VPU500/800

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